Biblical Parenting Phrases

With an 8 year old, 6 year old and 4 year old, I realized that we were  discipling roughly the same 12 issues every day. After gathering verses from the Bible, discipline ideas from Courageous Parenting, and using the Wise Words for Moms chart by Ginger Plowman, I constructed our own discipline chart. 

These "phrases" help me to discipline biblically and to get to the heart of the issue instead of just reacting to the behavior. The black ink is what I say to the kids (some version of that) and the blue ink (in parenthesis) is the consequence for the behavior. This could be the child asking for forgiveness (by the way, a wise mom once told me, "sorry is for accidents, forgiveness is for sinful behavior"), rephrasing what they said to be more respectful, praying together, or having the child repeat the corresponding bible verse to hide God's word in their heart. 

I pray it's beneficial for your parenting!