Cabinet of Curiosities 

This homeschooling year I didn't quite have enough science curriculum to last the entire school year. So, instead of buying a new book halfway through the year, we decided we would use our Masterbooks science curriculum Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays. On Wednesdays I use a free trial of Mystery of Science and the kids watch a short movie clip while doing a hands-on experiment (I print the paper copies ahead of time at the library for free. Homeschooling mom pro tip - at our library, you can print 5 FREE black & white copies every time you go. You're going anyway, you can get a lot of your curriculum prints free this way! I don't even own a printer!). 

But on Fridays, we take (or try to) a nature walk and look for an interesting treasure. Then the kids use the Dichotomous Key of Living Things printable (available in The Products) and try to identify their finding! This has been a really fun way to learn classification, have a purpose in going outside, incorporate nature journaling, and also gives me an excuse to own an old wood printer tray where we display our collection. The kids love looking back and remembering all the moments that they found their treasures and remembering the seasons in which they were collected. 

Hopefully this inspires you to get out in nature! Or maybe just to display those dandelions on a beautiful shelf instead of throwing them in the garbage once the kids are asleep. Their tiny fingers and the wonder that these simple pieces of nature hold for them won't last forever. Here are some of the items we've collected. 

Check out The Dichotomous Key Of Living Things worksheet in The Products tab.