My Favorite Natural Cleaners

This is where I first started, 7 years ago, when I decided to holistically look at our lifestyle and get rid of the chemicals. With 3 kiddos under 5, this seemed the easiest and most fruitful place to start - as we were always cleaning up messes! 

It also ended up saving me money and you only need a few ingredients to make a couple different cleaners! I use 16 oz. amber and clear glass spray bottles to hold the liquids. 

One of the other first changes I made was getting rid of canola oil and high fructose corn syrup, which meant pitching the salad dressings. We simply drizzle our salads with an organic extra virgin oil olive and spritz fresh lemon juice on top of that. Super easy and healthy, with no mixing or chopping! So, every other week, I buy a bag of lemons from Costco. We use it for the salad dressing, lemon pancakes, lemon chicken, etc. and when we're done with the rinds (juiced and all) - we just throw them right into the quart jar with vinegar for the DIY All-Purpose Cleaner!