Garden Resources

Last week we talked about planning for a garden, this week we're sharing our favorite gardening resources! Everything is linked, click on the underlined words to take you to the resource!

Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener's Handbook- hand's down my FAVORITE garden book, full of tips and tricks and "what-to-do-when". 

The Family Garden Plan - New to gardening? This is a great resource. Melissa K. Norris is my favorite blogger to follow for all things garden, natural, recipes, etc.

Planting a Successful Home Vegetable Garden (MSU Extension) - I use this ALL THE TIME. This is the guide that I bring outside, in the dirt, and refer to as we're planting.  

Melissa K. Norris also has great charts on how much food to plant per person for a year's worth of food. 

A Victory Garden to Feed a Family of Five - I love this old poster from World War 1 and World War 2. It's a neat chart!

Diagnostic Leaf Atlas - This is a great resource to diagnosis fruit tree leaf problems. It has REALLY helpful photos. 

The stir-up weeder. This is a LIFE-SAVER and a game-changer in the garden. I used to spend 5-6 hours per week weeding. Now, I just go through with this tool (20-30 minutes) a week and get the weeds when they are tiny. No picking or pulling, just constant churning them under before they sprout. Come summer when it's hot, I maybe weed once every 2 weeks. I literally just walk through the garden and rake it in front of me!

Baker Creek - where I buy most of my seeds. 

Wallaroo Hats - My favorite garden hat! 

Sunday Afternoons Kid Hats - These hats are the best for kids! We hardly wear sunscreen in the summer, because with the neck capes on these hats - they're covered! They also wear overalls and their muck boots. 

Kalispell Kreamery Compost - The only thing we add to our garden each year is cow manure! Kalispell Kreamery has a great deal - $20 for a pick-up truck full! One truck full does most of our garden. I don't add it to the potato field.  

Johnny's Seeds - Joey Apron - This is a fun way to gather the harvest. My sister made me one, modeled after this design. It works!

Gorilla Carts - This is what we use for a wheelbarrow. It's so sturdy and doesn't tip over! Great when you have three kids monkeying around on it :P