Tips to Improve Your Sleep Environment

Tips to Improve Your Sleep Environment

No blue light (screens): reduces melatonin levels. Use f.lux on computer for late night work. 

Choose an analog clock instead of your phone alarm: break the cycle of checking emails first thing and reduce EMFs. Check out

Choose a natural mattress: no VOCs/chemicals. We use

Set your phone to Airplane mode at night to reduce EMFs.

Move electrical items away from your head: lamps, fans, chargers...dirty electricity.

Open windows for fresh air.

Have a plant in the bedroom to naturally clean the air and reduce VOCs. 

Keep it cold - 66 degrees. 

Choose darkness: room darkening shades. Our kids use salt rock nightlights. 

Put the WiFi router on a timer to kick off during sleep hours. Pick one up in the after-Christmas sales!

Choose PJs without flame retardants. Soaked in chemicals that don't wash off, affecting brain health and hormones. Kids too! Choose organic cotton.

Use organic cotton sheets. Low-hanging fruit! You spend 8+ hours each day here. 

Sip caffeine-free tea before bed. Grind nutmeg on top; helps insomnia.