What's in our Church Backpacks?

We keep our kids in church with us, despite having childcare/Sunday school available. Shocking, I know. It took us a while to settle into this counter-cultural idea, BUT we have seen tremendous fruit and it's immensely helped our family culture. 

This podcast shook our thinking and challenged us to do church as a family. It's worth the listen. 

Why & How to Keep Your Kids in Church Service with You by Courageous Parenting (Isaac and Angie Tolpin)

Here's what we stock in their backpacks to keep their hands busy but their ears listening: 

Crayons and Paper

Activity Books

Lacing/Sewing Cards

Etch a Sketch

Coloring Books

Snack Pouches (we sewed reusable ones)

Rubik's Cube

Magnetic Doll Dress-Up

Stickers (Hobby Lobby sales)

Felt-Linking Chains

Tangram Puzzles


Think It Through Tiles and Books (These are old school. I used these back in elementary school, but they are so amazing! They are self-correcting!)

Water Puzzle Games

Boogie Board Writing Tablet (Costco)

Color-coded Weekly Pill Box and Colored Pom-Poms with Tweezers